Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wicked Wednesday, featuring Australian Singer Delta Goodrem

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! Every week on Wednesday I'll be posting something wicked...from wicked music to wicked politics, from wicked crazy stunts to wicked happenings at ADP... I'll kick things off with this wicked song by the LOVELY Delta Goodrem. It's her latest release, "In This Life". Now it may not be "wicked" to some, but it's caused some debate between me & my wife. And debates between me & Denise can be very wicked, haha! Denise doesn't care too much for the song. She says it sounds like Delta's trying to be like Alanis and ABBA at once, lol. Fair enough. But the old musician and recording engineer in me likes the audio mix and arrangement and how the piano and guitars come out strong and drives the music forward like it should. Delta's got some strong vocals in there too, and the engineer/producers did well with the harmonies and vocal mix.

Give it a whirl and leave a comment! What do YOU think?

I'd love to hear what you think about this Australian talent, Delta Goodrem.
Oh... gotta love the cinematography in this video!

On a side note, I am truly enjoying the summer. It's a calm wedding season now... and considering the heat out there.
BUT, I will enjoy it while I can because starting this September, I am 110% BOOKED with a wedding every weekend all the way through November!

It's gonna be a rockin' fall wedding season!

EDIT: Correction, it was not ABBA Denise referred to, it was WILSON PHILLIPS.
The debate rages on between me & Denise... read our comments =)


Anonymous said...

Okay, let me start by fueling the debate further...I said she sounds like a cross between Alanis and Wilson Phillips NOT ABBA. I am just not impressed with that song but she is very pretty though. Reminds me of a blonde J-Lo, kind of a mix of J-Lo and Kate Hudson AND that is not a bad mix to be...LOL!

Your Loving Wifey,


Armin de Fiesta said...

Okay HONEY. So I made a mistake... WILSON PHILLIPS it is, and that makes more sense actually, LOL. I think I'm recalling our conversation now, and you did say WILSON PHILLIPS, lol. Ya know, sometimes you say I don't always listen well =/ Love you back!

Anonymous said...

I want a professional stylist to do my hair every morning as if coming to work everyday was like being in a music video. Wouldn't we all want that ladies...LOL! Imagine how geat that would be? Okay, back to reality!


Anonymous said...

Ok, kids, I'm gonna have to totally agree with Armin on this one. Sorry Denise...while I can see the Wilson Phillips goes Alanis take, I LOVE her voice.

Have a great day to both of you! :)

Denise M. Godfrey said...

I've gotta side with Wifey!! Yeh, pretty voice, pretty girl... too cliche overall.