Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free To Succeed Tour in DC

The Free To Succeed Tour was a success in DC. All (well almost all) of my friends made it to the event lead by David Jay and [b]ecker who provided industry insight, business strategies, and future products that could enhance and impact our own businesses in a positive way.

With all the seminars and workshops that photographers have to choose from, I think it's important to select the ones that will add value and impact to your business. Take a little from each speaker and make it your own, then build and grow your business and brand from there.

It was way cool seeing everybody I know and making new friends at the seminar. Visit David Jay's blog and Kenny Kim's blog to check out more pics from the DC event.

In the meantime, here are some fun iamges!
Special thanks for Troy, Noah, Kenny & Peter for the pics!

A small group of us got a brief tour of THE bus
Mary Kate McKenna, Jaime Windon, Megan Beth, Kristen Leigh, Andree Kless, Peter Bang, Regis Chen, Becker, David Jay, Me and Allison Trowbridge

Just us being hams... and yes, Megan & I are both on [b]ecker's lap.
Not trying to start any rumors or anything, lol

Jeff Wilson & Troy Woods provided my security detail...
Just kidding, they're friends of mine and some kick butt photographers!

Yep that's my polaroid... that's how I roll!

Just kidding! It's Lara Swanson's, she asked me to photograph her with Becker.

Just me and the [b] chattin'. Thanks Troy for the pic!

I don't know if Shelby Leigh & Rodney Mickle are laughing with Becker or AT him, lol
Doesn't matter, this is a funny picture!
And yes that's my little head behind his shoulder. Thanks Noah :/

Here I am with my girls Shelby & Jaime (a.k.a., the Blonde trying to "outstud" Becker ;)

After the seminar, Megan Beth, Kristen Leigh, Andree Kless, Peter Bang, Regis Chen, Kenny Kim, and Chris [b]ecker went out for a very late dinner at the Kabob Palace in Crystal City.
Food was tasty and the gang was way cool!

A huge thanks to Allison for being so sweet and so wonderful. After all we went through trying to plan the big bash for DJ I am so glad we finally got to meet! And thanks David Jay for the inspiration and generosity...and for the shout out on your blog!
I enjoyed dinner with you & the crew... especially since [b]ecker picked up the entire bill, haha! I don't care what people think, he's a really swell guy =)
Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Allison & Bill ...with Sarah Hodzic of BlinkDC

First! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend

If you're on Facebook, leave him a birthday message!

Okay on to business =)

This is a great post for my dear friend Sarah who I enjoyed shooting with at the National Cathedral for Allison & Bill's wedding on August 16th.

When I have the time, I make an effort to shoot with my friends. I am a big advocate for networking with other photographers. It really builds the relationship and rapport. Not to mention friendship! There's fun, food, laughs, and you get to pick on your friends at the wedding =)

One thing to say about the wedding photographic community in DC... it's changing. Last night I was so proud to see my friends and make new ones at David Jay's Free To Succeed seminar and show how DC has a growing community of like-minded photographers willing to share knowledge, get together, have fun, refer each other work, and help each other with directions when they get lost on the way to the seminar (that's for you Kim my dear! HA!). It's good for business... it's good for the soul. I don't see what the big deal is and why some photographers just don't do it. But to each their own =)

There isn't enough I can say about Sarah. She's sweet, charming, intelligent, great with her clients, and so fun to work with. Not to mention she makes some AWESOME gelato and other tasty goodies at Pennys Chocolates! Thanks Sarah for another great shoot!

Visit Sarah's blog post about Allison & Bill's wedding for more great images and leave her some love! She didn't quite blow this shoot out of the water like she wanted to..... nope......she freakin' parted the Atlantic!!! I really think this should be submitted as a magazine feature. Perfect couple, stunning location, full of emotions, perfect moments, awesome composition, tasty light... a great wedding.

Okay without further ado, images from the wedding!

First are just a few of my favs I shot for Sarah's studio ...!

And a few more I shot for Sarah and borrowed from Sarah's blog ;)

While Sarah was with the girls, I focused on the guys being guys...

And the sparkers-send-off shot! These are always a hoot to shoot!

Thanks Sarah for bringing me along, and thanks Allison & Bill!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free To Succeed

I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends tonight at David Jay's Free To Succeed Tour that's stopping in Alexandria, VA. Right now though, Kenny Kim, DJ, Allison, [b]ecker, and the rest of their crew are getting a tour of the White House.... ha! Have you read my humorous blog post about DC locals and tourists? ;)

Got an interesting package in the mail yesterday from David Jay's mom... yes no joke. Long story but some of my close friends already know the deal. But if you're a Facebook friend of DJ's, then you know what's coming soon based on his profile. His mom wanted to make sure he got his gift while he was on the road so she & Allison entrusted me to play messenger. Glad to!

Right about now our good friend Kenny is probably taking photos of things inside the White House that he probably shouldn't be taking. I'll probably be meeting up with him and the rest of the gang for dinner after workshop.

Should be fun! And as uncle Ray & Kenny like to say.... Good times!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wicked Wednesday... Something Wicked This Way Comes from [b]ecker!

Photographer friends! [b]ecker's got something wicked cool coming our way that will enhance our social networking online and make it profitable to our business. Can't wait to check this out!

And for another piece of wicked news. Be on the lookout Memphis! There's an adult video being filmed right in your backyard! She first struck in
Bartlett Park outside Memphis, TN. Since then she has struck at another location and could continue to do so until caught by police.

Back in my
police days, I once made an arrest for indecent exposure (Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia). I was called to the scene in broad daylight at a shopping center on Duke Street for the complaint of a man masturbating to a Young Miss magazine inside his vehicle. I roll up on the suspect vehicle and "witnessed" the criminal act... yeah the things you run into in police work never ceased to amaze me, lol. I took him into custody, spoke to the complainants (an Alexandria mother & her young 8 year old daughter), and took the defendant to the magistrate's office. About a month later he was convicted in court. Case closed. He was given the full sentence plus a mandate to undergo psychiatric treatment since he wasn't quite alright in his head to begin with. The defendant was sweating in court so much his suit was soaked through with his perspiration. It was sad to watch.

There is one particular physical act of "exposure" that is NOT considered a criminal code violation... do you know what that is? Tell me in your comments!

Tune in next week for some more Wicked Wednesday news =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bridal Sessions Kick off My Fall DC Wedding Season

I'm really enjoying some easy shooting and low workloads right now because starting in September I'm going to be shooting a wedding just about EVERY weekend until the holidays. Boy time flies though, doesn't it? I am so amped about this fall and what better way to kick things into high gear than with an awesome bridal session with a gorgeous bride! But for privacy reasons of this special client, not a lot of images can be posted so we're going with a few incognito photos ;)

Many of my brides opt for a bridal session as part of their photography collection. These are shot before the wedding and is definitely one of my favorite shoots to do! This value-added service can be used in any way the bride wants, such as print enlargements and inclusion in the final wedding album. And most importantly, it's a chance for them to truly enjoy and get the most out of their wedding dress without the stress of the wedding day.

My friend and associate photographer Erin Rexroth of Erin J Photo joined me over the weekend to shoot a killer bridal fashion shoot for a very special wedding client in Alexandria, VA. We shot over 100 great images, but are restricted to showing them all in respect for the client's privacy. Since I am very limited to what I can show, here are a few "faceless" teasers.
We are really looking forward to the wedding!

EDIT: Sorry folks. Photos were taken down to further ensure privacy.
If you'd like to see them and are a current client, colleague, etc., please contact us personally.

If you're one of my brides, and are interested in adding a bridal fashion shoot to your collection, connect with me soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sorry for the lull in blogging. Just got back from Florida around 2am Saturday morning... we left around 12:30pm on Saturday. And if you travel with kids, a DVD player with plenty of kid flicks IS A MUST on any road trip! Where were those when we were kids? LOL!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to my friend Katie Maser!

Erin & I had a killer bridal fashion photo shoot in Alexandria over the weekend! I hope we can post some images soon, at least sometime this fall! I'm really pleased with the results, email me if you want a sneak peak!

I dropped Nate off at his mom's this evening in Fairfax. Back-to-school night is this Thursday! Geesh where did summer go?

I'll be hanging with more photog friends at David Jay's Free-to-Succeed tour that's stopping in Alexandria, VA this Thursday. It'll be so great to see my friends Kenny Kim, Allison Trowbridge, and of course reacquaint myself with David Jay and [b]ecker. If you're new to photography, or even not-so-new, you should really try to make it to this seminar. You'll be inspired, learn the next steps to take in your business, and network with some great local photographers. Trust me, I know many of them =) HOLLA if you're coming. Hope to see you there!

More to come this week!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wicked Wednesday = Windy Wednesday...yesterday =)

As Tropical Storm Fay makes it way through Florida, I am thankful it didn't do any damage here in The Villages, FL. Despite the weather, me & the family are having a great time together. On Wednesday we had fun meeting up with one of Tampa's best wedding photographers and good friends Erin & Chris Harvey of Clearwater Beach was our rendezvous point. I chose the spot so I could see what all the fuss was about with their sand... and let me tell you, it was very, VERY, nice soft sand. Almost powder like. The kids just couldn't stop playing in it. The not so great part was that it was sssooooo windy.... wicked windy! It was driving Nate bonkers because the sand was getting in his eyes. Jordan didn't seem phased one bit by it though, lol. We had dinner at Frenchys restaurant then some ice cream afterwards. It was great seeing Chris & Erin!

A shot of the beach, not looking so great with all the seaweed and murky waters after the tropical storm

Look at the fine sand... and the strong winds blowing it out of Nate's hands!

My beautiful Denise =)

And me looking so thrilled... really I was having a great time. Denise just likes to catch me off guard, lol.

Jordan couldn't get enough of the sand... Denise's hair isn't really that messed up, it was just the wicked wind!

Palm trees everywhere

We actually ate at Frenchys with Chris & Erin, but next door was Cooters. I thought it made for a funny photo, thanks Erin for this one!

And of course, me & my photog friends!

One other interesting event. While we were eating dinner, one of the servers kept staring & staring at Jordan and asked, "Has anyone ever told you she looks like Suri Cruise?" =)

Interestingly enough, we have been told that! And even more interesting was the fact that the Scientology Office was only a few blocks away... hmmm...I wonder if they thought we were babysitting Suri while mom & dad were at a meeting, lol!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Allison & Bill - teaser pics...sort of =)

For some real teaser pics, check out Sarah's "sneak peek" blog post about Allison & Bill's awesome wedding! Sarah & I had a blast as always working together shooting their wedding in DC. She'll be posting more images later, but here are some teasers I got for ya... sort of =)

Sarah should be working, instead she's just "workin' it" for my camera =)

Sarah got some killer car shots of the couple riding around in a convertible 1972 Olds... those will be coming soon. I drove her car while she played stunt girl hanging out the window =)

Me & Sarah

The National Cathedral is quite majestic and dramatic, don't ya think?

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Handheld shot at 1/6 sec (yep!), f/4.0, ISO 1600

I couldn't resist sharing one of the images Sarah really rocked. I assisted this image with a video light at the bottom of the steps just behind the groom to add some dimension to the lighting. Awesome huh? Sarah's SO awesome! Can't wait to see the rest on her blog!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Palm Trees

My friend & fellow photographer Mary Beth Tyson loves palm trees and loves to photograph them. The funny thing is that Mary Beth is around them a LOT more than I am since she lives in Florida. Well I live in the DC metro area and palm trees are rare so I tend to appreciate them when I visit Florida!

So... we made it to Florida in one piece! After 12 hours of driving on 2 hours sleep (yeah, it sucked), we made it! And today looks like a good day to just chillax by the pool =)

Here is Jordan in the patio near the 7th hole on the Bogart course saying, "Good Morning World!" =)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off to Florida!

Denise & I are taking the kids to see grandma & grandpa (lola & lolo to you filipinos out there) in Central Florida. We are leaving early Sunday morning and I should be sleeping. Instead I just finished packing after a long, tiring, but incredibly fun wedding I just shot with my good friend Sarah at the National Cathedral. Stay tuned to her blog & mine for some pics next week!

Anyway, this family vacation should be fun, despite Tropical Storm Fay in Florida :( Hopefully in won't interfere with too much of our plans. We'll visit our good friends ErinChris Photography in Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Magic Kingdom, and Kennedy Space Center. Maybe even stop by Daytona International Speedway! =)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Check ME out =)

As some of you have seen, I had the privilege of having Shelby Leigh shoot some profile pics for me! Thanks girl!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GTG at The Carlyle Cafe w/Shane Melenbacker

(Image above borrowed from my friend
Moshe without permission, muuhahahaha!
Check out his blog for more pics!)

My good buddy Shane Melenbacker was in DC so I organized a small get-together to welcome him at the beloved Carlyle Cafe in Shirlington Village located in Arlington, VA just outside DC. We had fun talking shop, talking life, talking business. Good people, good food, good wine, good times! And PLEASE take notice of something... I am NOT the only guy this time in this get together, ha! In fact, Julia was the one lucky lady of the evening. See? I don't just hang out with the ladies =)

Left to Right:
Julia MacInnis
Moshe Zusman
Noah Hayes
Peter Bang
Hadar Goren
Shane Melenbacker

Fish eye lens time!

Me with a point & shoot with Julia, partying like rock stars

Nikon's D3 heroes, Shane & Noah

Loved seeing everybody! Be sure to check out everyone's blog as I am sure you'll find more photos and events from the evening.

Thanks Shane for hanging out with some of DC's best. Looking forward to next time! If you keep this pace up maybe you can join the Facebook Friends race with DJ & Kenny, haha!

Vegas-WPPI in February 09 or bust !!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Images of Shelby Leigh!

Photographers can be challenging to work with IN FRONT of the lens, lol. Even I can be pretty camera shy, go figure! But as part of my business, I like my blog readers and website visitors to know who I am... and that requires pictures of me... ugh, lol. But I don't have to go at it alone!

I recently had the opportunity to work with my friend and fellow wedding photographer, Shelby Leigh! But we weren't working for a bride or a portrait client, we were "working" for each other! Actually it wasn't really work to either of us because we were just having a blast around Annapolis snapping some fun new shots of each other that we could use for our portfolios. I chose Shelby because her style is much different than mine and I cannot wait to see what she came up with! UPDATE: Shelby posted some of me on her blog, check 'em out! I actually look pretty decent, haha! Her work is awesome isn't it? =)

I wanted to show Shelby as fun, fresh, and beautiful, just like her brand and image. I don't care what you say Shelby, you are! LOL! She's also one of the sweetest and nicest people I know. Not to mention she's got a strong business sense to her... hmmm, sounds like another "Leigh" girl I know =) This soon-to-be 21 year old is a real talent and LOVES what she does for a living. Her work is amazing! Be sure to check out her site and blog to get to know her a little better.

After I finished my session with Shelby, she changed into some jeans & a t-shirt and turned her lens on me!
Stay tuned for those images coming soon!

UPDATE: Check out some of the pics she took of me on her blog, and leave her some love!