Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Allison & Bill - teaser pics...sort of =)

For some real teaser pics, check out Sarah's "sneak peek" blog post about Allison & Bill's awesome wedding! Sarah & I had a blast as always working together shooting their wedding in DC. She'll be posting more images later, but here are some teasers I got for ya... sort of =)

Sarah should be working, instead she's just "workin' it" for my camera =)

Sarah got some killer car shots of the couple riding around in a convertible 1972 Olds... those will be coming soon. I drove her car while she played stunt girl hanging out the window =)

Me & Sarah

The National Cathedral is quite majestic and dramatic, don't ya think?

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Handheld shot at 1/6 sec (yep!), f/4.0, ISO 1600

I couldn't resist sharing one of the images Sarah really rocked. I assisted this image with a video light at the bottom of the steps just behind the groom to add some dimension to the lighting. Awesome huh? Sarah's SO awesome! Can't wait to see the rest on her blog!


Erin Harvey said...

Nice stuff! Sarah should totally post those big pics straight on her blog! It really adds so much more impact.

Sarah Hodzic said...

You NEED to take down that photo of me riding out the window of the car..
I look like I have a mullet.
No offense if you can rock the mullet look... I however, can not! :D

Armin, you were awesome. Thanks for being rock steady photographer side kick!

Susan Solo said...

SO FUN, Armin! Sarah looks like a total rockstar in that first one. (Probably because she IS a rockstar.) Nice assist on the stairway shot.