Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boda Dry Lens Bag Waist Belt!

Almost everyone has seen & enjoyed my video review of the Boda Dry lens bag. In the coming weeks I will be posting another update on my Boda and how it's holding up. In the meantime, photographers know how uncomfortable it can be shooting in warm weather. And sometimes the last thing you want is a shoulder strap binding your shirt down which could reduce much needed air flow through your clothing to keep cool. Well Boda has the answer-- the Waist Belt, available in small, medium & large. Not only does this help keep you cool in the heat by eliminating a binding shoulder strap, it also distributes the weight better on your hips, reducing back strain. If you're not a shoulder bag person, this could be the thing for you! Here's a photo of my good friend, former bride of mine, and one of Tampa Florida's young, fresh, and sought after wedding & portrait photographers Erin of ErinChris Photography sporting her favorite method of carry of her Boda Dry. Whew, did I get enough words in that sentence?? =)

Waist Belt all the way!
Thanks Erin for sharing the photo with us! Photo by Chris Harvey.

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Chris Harvey said...

The waist belt rocks! Erin loves having the weight off her shoulders. The person who took that picture is a rocking photographer! haha. Thanks for the post Armin.

Erin Harvey said...

Thanks Armin! I do love the waist strap for the Boda. I have back pain (upper and lower) and this really helps make it manageable while carrying a lot of gear. Such a great solution! =)

Sarah Hodzic said...

Super cute!

Someone got their hair cut!!
Looks great Erin. :D

david & kimi baxter said...

your review seriously has me thinkin. great review my friend!

MattDJ said...

Last time I tried the waist strap, my pants started going in a direction they're not supposed to go in public!! :-) Maybe I just didn't have it on tight enough. Makes a HUGE difference though on the weight. Great post dude.