Monday, August 25, 2008

Bridal Sessions Kick off My Fall DC Wedding Season

I'm really enjoying some easy shooting and low workloads right now because starting in September I'm going to be shooting a wedding just about EVERY weekend until the holidays. Boy time flies though, doesn't it? I am so amped about this fall and what better way to kick things into high gear than with an awesome bridal session with a gorgeous bride! But for privacy reasons of this special client, not a lot of images can be posted so we're going with a few incognito photos ;)

Many of my brides opt for a bridal session as part of their photography collection. These are shot before the wedding and is definitely one of my favorite shoots to do! This value-added service can be used in any way the bride wants, such as print enlargements and inclusion in the final wedding album. And most importantly, it's a chance for them to truly enjoy and get the most out of their wedding dress without the stress of the wedding day.

My friend and associate photographer Erin Rexroth of Erin J Photo joined me over the weekend to shoot a killer bridal fashion shoot for a very special wedding client in Alexandria, VA. We shot over 100 great images, but are restricted to showing them all in respect for the client's privacy. Since I am very limited to what I can show, here are a few "faceless" teasers.
We are really looking forward to the wedding!

EDIT: Sorry folks. Photos were taken down to further ensure privacy.
If you'd like to see them and are a current client, colleague, etc., please contact us personally.

If you're one of my brides, and are interested in adding a bridal fashion shoot to your collection, connect with me soon!


Sandra S. said...

I'm interested, Armin! I'm interested!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I would love to see more of that dress!! These pictures are extremely cool! Can not wait to see more :)


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

holy shirt dude. not coooool! well they're awesome love the twirl of the dress one down the street! love your new header pics!

Anonymous said...

Molly Sims??

Please share more!

Where is the fab dress from?

Hennessey said...

Wow! that was a tease and a half... and no photos as a prize! One day you'll have to let us get a peek at the pictures.