Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food to it Photos to Food?

So what's the deal with the costs for photography these days? Oh it's simple really, it's about the value of the work that went behind creating and preserving memories on print, in albums, and in some cases - on disc. And I am blessed with clients that do value me as a person and my work from the start. For them it's not about paying for JUST the time, ink, paper & shipping, there's SO much more to it than that my friends. But I won't leave you hanging so I will do my best to explain my thoughts behind print & collections pricing. We all understand food, so let's use that analogy...

So you're at
Ruth Chris Steakhouse about to fork over $200 for a delicious dinner for two. The kind of dinner you're going to brag about to your friends & family... Whoa $200? You & I both know you can buy the same quality ingredients yourself and go home and whip up the same delicious dinner that would make Bobby Flay close down his restaurants right? Because you went to a great culinary arts school, trained with some of the best chefs, gained experience in the restaurant business, attended the best seminars & workshops, and learned how to create your own original take on old tried-and-true foods that makes so many mouths water... right? And now you are ready to invest thousands of dollars for your education and all the associated costs for running your own restaurants, right? Well sure you can! Just hit the STAPLES EASY button and you are good to go, right? Ummm, maybe not so fast =)

Anyway that's my humorous photo-to-food analogy... I think you get the picture, haha, pun! Speaking of clients that value photography, I had a super fun engagement session with Caitlin & Troy yesterday.

Here's just a sneak peek... more to come!


Michael Rowley Photography said...

Well said. I'm sure all of your clients realize the true value when they choose you because of your experience and quality photographs!

To anyone out there who is looking at Armin or other professional photographers: Sure you might know someone who's "really into photography....or just got a nice camera" shoot your wedding and save a few bucks. Don't make the mistake. Make reservations at the nice resturant and have a night that you will never forget! (Touching on Armin's food analogy haha)

Noah Hayes said...

Another food analogy that ties in is the " Wow you take fantastic photos! You must have a really nice camera"...which equates to "Wow, this meal is great, the cook must have some really good pots and pans!" Which is actually something I said once, when flipping through some photos I took and uploaded to my phone that I was showing a friend when we were at dinner once...yeah I kinda felt like a jerk after saying it,but it was that kind of day and the waitress understood what I meant...LOL