Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free To Succeed Tour in DC

The Free To Succeed Tour was a success in DC. All (well almost all) of my friends made it to the event lead by David Jay and [b]ecker who provided industry insight, business strategies, and future products that could enhance and impact our own businesses in a positive way.

With all the seminars and workshops that photographers have to choose from, I think it's important to select the ones that will add value and impact to your business. Take a little from each speaker and make it your own, then build and grow your business and brand from there.

It was way cool seeing everybody I know and making new friends at the seminar. Visit David Jay's blog and Kenny Kim's blog to check out more pics from the DC event.

In the meantime, here are some fun iamges!
Special thanks for Troy, Noah, Kenny & Peter for the pics!

A small group of us got a brief tour of THE bus
Mary Kate McKenna, Jaime Windon, Megan Beth, Kristen Leigh, Andree Kless, Peter Bang, Regis Chen, Becker, David Jay, Me and Allison Trowbridge

Just us being hams... and yes, Megan & I are both on [b]ecker's lap.
Not trying to start any rumors or anything, lol

Jeff Wilson & Troy Woods provided my security detail...
Just kidding, they're friends of mine and some kick butt photographers!

Yep that's my polaroid... that's how I roll!

Just kidding! It's Lara Swanson's, she asked me to photograph her with Becker.

Just me and the [b] chattin'. Thanks Troy for the pic!

I don't know if Shelby Leigh & Rodney Mickle are laughing with Becker or AT him, lol
Doesn't matter, this is a funny picture!
And yes that's my little head behind his shoulder. Thanks Noah :/

Here I am with my girls Shelby & Jaime (a.k.a., the Blonde trying to "outstud" Becker ;)

After the seminar, Megan Beth, Kristen Leigh, Andree Kless, Peter Bang, Regis Chen, Kenny Kim, and Chris [b]ecker went out for a very late dinner at the Kabob Palace in Crystal City.
Food was tasty and the gang was way cool!

A huge thanks to Allison for being so sweet and so wonderful. After all we went through trying to plan the big bash for DJ I am so glad we finally got to meet! And thanks David Jay for the inspiration and generosity...and for the shout out on your blog!
I enjoyed dinner with you & the crew... especially since [b]ecker picked up the entire bill, haha! I don't care what people think, he's a really swell guy =)
Looking forward to seeing you guys again!


Kelly Segre said...

Armin, it looks like you have been having way to much fun....I need to come out to the DC area and play!

Peter Bang said...

all i gotta say is good times!

Lara said...

Dude, I WISH I got to sit on Becker's lap! ;D Thanks for taking my pic!

Lori Swadley said...

Shelby always looks so darn perfect! It was great to finally meet you... I can't wait to hang out :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even though I'm running myself to death in Vegas, I'm still a little jealous of the good times. Seem like you guys had a lot of fun. I know you're a little biased but you will have to let me know how the tour presentation was.

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a blast! I can't wait...the tour hits Orlando this week. Love that polaroid camera!!

Megan said...

megan and armin on the lap :) lol.

So great to meet you at FTS!

Can't wait to get together!

Elena said...

Definitely good times! :)

Majid said...

HI, is it your name"AARMIN"???
R U from iran???
that is the iranian name:)
i saw all of pics in this blog, that are good and nice
and U have happy and good group:)
plz C my blog...thanks
i will come again here:)