Monday, August 18, 2008

Palm Trees

My friend & fellow photographer Mary Beth Tyson loves palm trees and loves to photograph them. The funny thing is that Mary Beth is around them a LOT more than I am since she lives in Florida. Well I live in the DC metro area and palm trees are rare so I tend to appreciate them when I visit Florida!

So... we made it to Florida in one piece! After 12 hours of driving on 2 hours sleep (yeah, it sucked), we made it! And today looks like a good day to just chillax by the pool =)

Here is Jordan in the patio near the 7th hole on the Bogart course saying, "Good Morning World!" =)


Alex Rodriguez said...

Stay safe bro, its going to be a wet week in Florida!

Erin Harvey said...

I don't know if she could be any cuter! Can't wait to see ya!

Elena said...

Stay out of Fay's way and have a nice chillax with your gorgeous family! Love the new header!

Mary Beth Tyson Photography said...

ah shucks! I'm not too obsessed with palms! I just happen to photograph them all the time and fit one into my logo... ok so maybe just a little.