Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rant on the Ritz... well their lobby lounge at least =)

What comes to mind when you think of the Ritz Carlton? I think elegant, sophisticated, and first class service... well about that 3rd one... they fell short on that yesterday :/

Now before I go on let me just say I've always had great service at Ritz hotels. Even yesterday's lobby staff were very attentive and courteous which I expected. In no way am I attempting to slander the Ritz, it's a great hotel and have had the best experiences there, so I guess my standards were already high with them.

Okay on to the rant. Erin, Noah, & I met with our wonderful potential clients, Alison & Dustin. We sat inside the lobby lounge and were attended to... sort of. Dustin asked for a menu which our server/bartender kindly pointed out on our table. Now any server would think that "hey I better check back to see when he's ready to order".... right? NOPE, not at the Ritz's lobby lounge! Oh I was so disappointed. At least we got our drinks!

Needless to say, our meeting with Alison & Dustin went very well, I think we all hit it off! Alison & Dustin, if you are reading this...congrats to you guys again on the engagement! You will be a stunning bride Alison! Check out Dustin's restaurant, SILVERADO, and the band playing at their wedding, LOVE SEED MAMA JUMP! I had to get my head around that name a couple of times, lol!

Anyway, I just had to vent. I never complained to anyone there, because I don't feel I have to. I am hopeful it was just an isolated event. I like to meet clients in nice places where I know we'll be comfortable and know what to expect. I love the Ritz, I just expected a little more, that's all =)

What has your experience with the Ritz Carlton been like?


Jill Myers said...

Ooo....that should be a fun wedding! Love, Seed, Mama, Jump played at some big field party I went to back in college (I started at Salisbury State....back in the day). I hope they book you...why on earth wouldn't they?!