Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wicked Wednesday... Something Wicked This Way Comes from [b]ecker!

Photographer friends! [b]ecker's got something wicked cool coming our way that will enhance our social networking online and make it profitable to our business. Can't wait to check this out!

And for another piece of wicked news. Be on the lookout Memphis! There's an adult video being filmed right in your backyard! She first struck in
Bartlett Park outside Memphis, TN. Since then she has struck at another location and could continue to do so until caught by police.

Back in my
police days, I once made an arrest for indecent exposure (Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia). I was called to the scene in broad daylight at a shopping center on Duke Street for the complaint of a man masturbating to a Young Miss magazine inside his vehicle. I roll up on the suspect vehicle and "witnessed" the criminal act... yeah the things you run into in police work never ceased to amaze me, lol. I took him into custody, spoke to the complainants (an Alexandria mother & her young 8 year old daughter), and took the defendant to the magistrate's office. About a month later he was convicted in court. Case closed. He was given the full sentence plus a mandate to undergo psychiatric treatment since he wasn't quite alright in his head to begin with. The defendant was sweating in court so much his suit was soaked through with his perspiration. It was sad to watch.

There is one particular physical act of "exposure" that is NOT considered a criminal code violation... do you know what that is? Tell me in your comments!

Tune in next week for some more Wicked Wednesday news =)


Anonymous said...

Breast feeding?

Julia MacInnis Photography said...

I am SURE you have some good stories you can share about your days with "the force", darth vadar! That one is insane, gross, funny and repulsive.

sandra s. said... must be breast feeding...

Armin DeFiesta said...

That's right folks, breast feeding is not a violation of the criminal code in Virginia for indecent exposure =)