Friday, September 5, 2008

Organized Retail Crime.... My Past Life on the Today Show =)

... no I was NOT a criminal, or in this case a booster, lol! Had you for a second didn't I? =) I did however chase down organizations of retail crime...

Interesting you say? Had no idea this was going on? It's been going on for years. Read on...

This morning, Natalie Morales did a TODAY SHOW segment on Organized Retail Crimes. She & Matt Lauer interviewed my former Booz Allen colleague, who is now Target's Director of Investigations, who in some way was my boss as well when I was at Target before going full time with my photography business.

As some of you know I was a former police officer a long time ago. I left public service and went corporate as a Booz Allen consultant working on DHS and DOJ projects. I went back into investigative work for Target as a DC/Baltimore regional corporate investigator focusing on organized retail crime and fencing, or more popularly known as "e-fencing". Most of the products stolen from retailers end up online... yes and eBay! It really blew my mind how much product was moved from boosting through pawn shops through garages and online.

The biggest hurdle that law enforcement & retailers encounter (me included) is prosecution. The crime just isn't sexy enough for most law enforcement professionals. There aren't any consistent laws or stiff penalties and sentences to impact these organizations. Until this changes, organized retail theft will continue with minimal risk and huge payouts for the bad guys. And consumers could end up paying the price at the cash register.

Check the TODAY Show segment!