Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pentagon Memorial Ceremony. A Day of Remembrance...

As I'm about to board a plane today to Minneapolis, I do so with some anxiety. I never enjoyed flying unless I have to. But I have gotten used to it and get by fairly well. However, today is different. The smell of the airport, the presence of TSA, and the unmistakable sound of a commercial airline engine is further emphasized by what happened 7 years ago.

I never quite got over 9/11.

I was a police officer when the terrorist act occurred on American soil, and I felt helpless for the victims, including those in my "other family" ... my fellow officers and firefighters/EMTs that went in to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon to save others. I also commend the passengers of United flight #93 for their heroic efforts. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. I was on the job when my Special Ops Team got the page to assist with immediate security response missions for secondary targets around the Alexandria/Arlington area after the Pentagon was hit. Everything from assisting with perimeter security at the Pentagon to searching vehicles driving under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The magnitude of the event didn't sink in right away. Instead I was in response mode and focused on doing my job. Deep inside sometimes I still feel like I'm in that mode... quietly on the alert. I don't know what drives that mode in me. Revenge? Anger? Fear? Sorrow? It really doesn't matter. What matters is we charge on and always reflect on this day. I think we owe that to those that died and sacrificed.

Today is the Pentagon Memorial Dedication Ceremony.
We move forward, but never forget.


Susan said...

I can't even imagine being so closely involved like that. I was working for NASD in Rockville at the time, and I remember immediately leaving work to go home because I was so terrified. Thanks for posting your story - it's good for people to talk about it and remember it.

PSQuared said...

Hey Man,

I still am uneasy every time a ride past the pentagon and see a plan coming in to National. Never forget!!