Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Wish Special Events & Video Blog

DC Wedding Planner Wish Special Events rocks the world of wedding planning! Laura Auer is not only an awesome friend and a super wedding planner, her company is also one of Washingtonian Magazine's top wedding event planning vendors, Congrats Laura! Get to know her better by visiting her blog where she shares some great tips and ideas on planning your wedding. And when you're ready to gain peace of mind for your big day, hire Laura to ensure everything goes the way you imagined it would.

Earlier this week we met for lunch at Whole Foods at the East Market in Fair Lakes where I proceeded to douse her with my surprisingly carbonated raw energy grape drink! I had no idea it was carbonated and it just exploded, would've made a great video. Actually, the table got the worst of it. No wedding planners or photographers were injured in that stunt. I cleaned up the mess right away. Now watch her sweet blog post showing her FIRST ever video blog, inspired by yours truly, lol =)

Thanks Laura! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vendor Spotlight on Crystal Jo Makeup - Book Now for the Inaugural Ball!

A big day in history is fast approaching, yes I'm talking about the Inauguration less than one month away! I know many of you will be participating or attending the big Inaugural Ball. So LOOK YOUR BEST by hiring one of the best, Crystal Jo Makeup.

Check this out, my friend Crystal is booking makeup appointments for the Inaugural Ball. If interested contact her at Crystal is super talented and so great and easy to work with, check out her work on her website. And YES she also works with brides!

Learn more about the talented MUA on Shelby Leigh's blog! Yep, they're sisters =) I put up some pictures of Crystal in action here (courtesy of Shelby).

Contact Crystal soon because her calendar will fill up fast!

Becky's Maternity Session

I recently had the privilege of capturing some special moments for fellow photographer Becky & her husband Michael who are expecting their first baby in February 2009. Only 7 more weeks! Becky looked radiant! The couple is so excited about the new addition to the family. We shot indoors & outdoors and were fortunate to have a mild 53 degree temperature to work with, which is strange considering it was below zero last week! Thanks Becky for calling on me to help mark a milestone in your family history.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Should I ??

My son has a Jeep like this one... and this happens to be his cousin Dominic driving HIS modified souped up Power Wheels Jeep in the video. Yep, before my brother headed to Iraq for his 2nd tour, he modified Dominic's Power Wheels Jeep. A battery upgrade increased speed from 5 to 8.1mph. It now has LED headlights and old bike tires wrapped around the front wheels to add traction and cause the back to spin out better - yes! ... ah soooo tempting, lol. Should I do the same? ;)

Love it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jordan's Working on Getting Her Drivers License

So I'm a Power Wheels dad, yes indeedy! Nate has his own Power Wheels JEEP so I decided Jordan's ready to be introduced to her own set of wheels, a Dora Lil' Quad from Santa! Needless to say our garage is officially overcrowded! It's taking her some getting used to, but I think in a month or two she'll grow more comfortable with it.

Nate showed her the acceleration button =)

And away she went!

And decided to be daring and stand & drive, lol

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Importance of Sharing - Thanks Becker for the Shout Out!

Orange County, CA wedding photographers [b]ecker & Joe Photo talk about the significance of networking & sharing with other photographers and how it can have a positive impact on your business. I could not agree more! Gone are the days of cutthroat competition among wedding photographers. Today things have changed and the DC area is on the verge of something new. There is a group of wedding photographers that have gone from strangers to good friends that refer each other work, share ideas, and hang out just to have fun and learn from one another. I'm proud to be part of this change! I hope to help elevate the DC area as a place to find some of the best in the business.

Check out the video from Becker's blog where he & Joe Photo talk about this very subject... oh and at about the 7:40 mark, Becker mentions DC & some dude "Armin" and how he's trying to make a difference ;)

Password is: bcool

[b]ecker chats with Joe Photo from Ron Dawson on Vimeo

Visit Becker's blog to see more and the HILARIOUS video of him & Jessica Claire! If you're a fan of Jessica, it's worth a look!

And if you're new to wedding photography, connect with me on Facebook & join my group to stay in the loop of all our local get-togethers I host every other month!

AND also join & connect with me inside Becker's B SCHOOL to really kick your network into high gear ... your network IS your net worth!

Friday, December 19, 2008

RE-branding! ;)

You know I can't close this week out without some cynical humor in these trying times

C'mon have a laugh, you know you wanna ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting in the spirit of things

I hope to shoot some more holiday lighting extravaganzas soon, here's a couple for starters.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'll do anything for my clients, even it means a little injury!

I've seen stranger things happen .... but this was still bizarre!

Monday, December 15, 2008

iPhone Cake!

Tell me this isn't a cool cake! Thanks to Mandi White for sharing this. She snapped this mobile upload shot of the groom's cake at a wedding. Way cool =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


My friend Kristen tagged me to play along and put up a "4 things" blog post ... here ya go Kristen!

4 Things I Did Today:
  • Wrote this blog post
  • Taught Jordan her ABC's, she's coming along well =)
  • Had Cinammon Toast Crunch for breakfast
  • Scheduled a maternity photo session

4 Guilty Pleasures:
  • My wife ;)
  • Carving roads in my WRX (See ad below)

Subaru WRX STi v. Ford Musting Shelby GT

4 Random Facts About Me:
  • I love the movies but rarely go anymore (yay for Netflix!), and if I do it's for a kids' flick with Nate =)
  • I'm a walking automobile encyclopedia - if I wasn't a photographer, I'd be a writer/contributor/test driver for Motor Trend magazine
  • Unlike Kristen, I LOVE deviled eggs LOL
  • I'm not a Sci-Fi nerd, but I totally dig Star Trek TNG and the Star Wars saga. Looking forward to the new Star Trek prequel directed by J.J. Abrams! Check out the kick-ass trailer below...and yes that's Zachary Quinto (a.k.a. "Sylar" on Heroes) as the young Spock.

4 People to tag to do the same "4 things" post:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Michelle & Jared's Album Spread

Check out this awesome design spread by Grace Chou for Michelle & Jared's wedding album. I love her unique take on designs using background images, fades, and one-off layouts. These are panoramic spreads that will fit Michelle's 10x10 Kiss Wedding Book.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caitlin & Troy's Album

Thanks so much to Douglas Armstrong at Whitehall Manor and Caitlin & Troy for letting me shoot a great wedding for them. Here's a slideshow of their album layout showing the panoramic spreads for their 10x10 Kiss Wedding Book.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If you're gonna run from the law, pick a faster vehicle =) LOL!

I'm posting this because I love this stuff, I still harbor some fascination with these type of events.

So the latest multi-jurisdictional police chase happened today when MD State Police ran a truck driver's ID at a weigh station in Hyattstown, MD. Vernon Jones knew he was wanted for attempted murder so he used a false SSN which the Troopers soon found out. At that point Jones decided to beat feat outta there leading MSP, Montgomery Co PD, Fairfax Co PD & VA State Police on a chase which ended near the Tysons Galleria Mall in Virginia (looks like somewhere near or on Westpark Drive). No one was injured and there were no known crashes that I know of. Now you'd think Jones would've wanted a faster vehicle to run from police, but I guess he was using what he had so the trailer had to do, LOL! Eventually stop sticks deployed by police blew out his front tire(s) making it very difficult to control the truck.

Anyway, read the full story & check out the Chopper 4 video =)

Cool things come in small packages!

Things are getting smaller & more compact these days. Remember the boom boxes that were as big as your carry on luggage and played cassette tapes? Then it slimmed down to the "old" Sony Walkman, and now these days it's the Apple's iPod.

Well now even today's exercise equipment has shrunk down to the size of an ottoman! Check out the FITNESS CUBE!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Winter has officially started in our household. What better indicator than a lit fireplace to warm things up? Only thing missing were some marshmallows =)

I set my ISO high around 1600, at f/2.8, and 1/6000 shutter speed. Staring at the flames frozen in time is like looking at clouds... your imagination starts to wander and you start to see things.

What do YOU see?

At the top of the flame I see some sort of mystical creature, almost dragon-like

Here I see another creature at the top of the flame, mouth wide open with a very long neck. That dark line in the middle of the "head" is the flume handle

At the top of this flame I see a jumping dolphin ... cool! =)

In this image it looks like two birds stretching upwards as if to receive food ... is it just me?

And finally, on the left I see what looks like a bird leaving its fiery nest!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm A Proud Godfather

My goddaughter Kim, a JMU student, was in this years Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Check out her marching band's video segment from the event! Kim is one of the Dukettes, cute filipina chick with long brown hair ... yeah anyway, I'm so proud! Gosh they grow up fast!

(Kim is in the top row, 2nd from the left)

And the video...