Friday, December 5, 2008


Winter has officially started in our household. What better indicator than a lit fireplace to warm things up? Only thing missing were some marshmallows =)

I set my ISO high around 1600, at f/2.8, and 1/6000 shutter speed. Staring at the flames frozen in time is like looking at clouds... your imagination starts to wander and you start to see things.

What do YOU see?

At the top of the flame I see some sort of mystical creature, almost dragon-like

Here I see another creature at the top of the flame, mouth wide open with a very long neck. That dark line in the middle of the "head" is the flume handle

At the top of this flame I see a jumping dolphin ... cool! =)

In this image it looks like two birds stretching upwards as if to receive food ... is it just me?

And finally, on the left I see what looks like a bird leaving its fiery nest!


Peter Bang said...

dude, i'm seeing a whole bunch of things...and def. a adp logo too. haha

Anonymous said...

I see a man with too much time on his hands...LOL!


M.J. Love said...

I want what you're drinking. - M.J.