Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If you're gonna run from the law, pick a faster vehicle =) LOL!

I'm posting this because I love this stuff, I still harbor some fascination with these type of events.

So the latest multi-jurisdictional police chase happened today when MD State Police ran a truck driver's ID at a weigh station in Hyattstown, MD. Vernon Jones knew he was wanted for attempted murder so he used a false SSN which the Troopers soon found out. At that point Jones decided to beat feat outta there leading MSP, Montgomery Co PD, Fairfax Co PD & VA State Police on a chase which ended near the Tysons Galleria Mall in Virginia (looks like somewhere near or on Westpark Drive). No one was injured and there were no known crashes that I know of. Now you'd think Jones would've wanted a faster vehicle to run from police, but I guess he was using what he had so the trailer had to do, LOL! Eventually stop sticks deployed by police blew out his front tire(s) making it very difficult to control the truck.

Anyway, read the full story & check out the Chopper 4 video =)


Beth said...

I couldn't believe it - what an idiot - like he was going to get away in a tractor trailer and then genius heads into always crowded Tysons - LOL

Armin DeFiesta said...

Yeah go figure, Tysons Corner isn't an ideal place to get away from a police chase!