Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Importance of Sharing - Thanks Becker for the Shout Out!

Orange County, CA wedding photographers [b]ecker & Joe Photo talk about the significance of networking & sharing with other photographers and how it can have a positive impact on your business. I could not agree more! Gone are the days of cutthroat competition among wedding photographers. Today things have changed and the DC area is on the verge of something new. There is a group of wedding photographers that have gone from strangers to good friends that refer each other work, share ideas, and hang out just to have fun and learn from one another. I'm proud to be part of this change! I hope to help elevate the DC area as a place to find some of the best in the business.

Check out the video from Becker's blog where he & Joe Photo talk about this very subject... oh and at about the 7:40 mark, Becker mentions DC & some dude "Armin" and how he's trying to make a difference ;)

Password is: bcool

[b]ecker chats with Joe Photo from Ron Dawson on Vimeo

Visit Becker's blog to see more and the HILARIOUS video of him & Jessica Claire! If you're a fan of Jessica, it's worth a look!

And if you're new to wedding photography, connect with me on Facebook & join my group to stay in the loop of all our local get-togethers I host every other month!

AND also join & connect with me inside Becker's B SCHOOL to really kick your network into high gear ... your network IS your net worth!


Troy Woods said...

This video was great!

kristieblake said... wonder i've always had so much trouble leaving comments on yer blog...all the signing up & to find out i am a "google" member...& had forgotton my password!!!

gotta love ron dawson...joe photo is flippin adorable & becker had too much make-up
as i've said b4...yer good people Armin...getting this group 2gether....b4 this i didn't know anyone to network with in our area...i was flying to CHI to be with photog friends...
anytime you need help with planning...give a shout out...
looking very forward to the 3rd. & count me in for the 24th!!!
a force Armin...A FORCE!!!!

Julia MacInnis Photography said...

Thanks for sharing - loved it. Don't love Joe's 2 earrings (LOL) but love their energy, words and dynamic. Two great, selfless guys!

PatB said...

Great video guys. I've been hooking up with a few photographers on facebook and will definitely be checking you guys out.