Monday, December 29, 2008

Should I ??

My son has a Jeep like this one... and this happens to be his cousin Dominic driving HIS modified souped up Power Wheels Jeep in the video. Yep, before my brother headed to Iraq for his 2nd tour, he modified Dominic's Power Wheels Jeep. A battery upgrade increased speed from 5 to 8.1mph. It now has LED headlights and old bike tires wrapped around the front wheels to add traction and cause the back to spin out better - yes! ... ah soooo tempting, lol. Should I do the same? ;)

Love it!


Alan B. said...

That is seriously cool. I've got a stock version for my (now) 6 year old and it could use some extra oomph as well as better traction!

That kid has got some mad driving skillz. Time to get him a helmet though.

Let me know if you do the mod.

Emily said...

I will never forget the red convertible power wheels I got when I was 5... So fun!!

Amanda said...

yeah me and bryan always talk about doin this kind of stuff to our kids powerwheels... the stuff we never had... our kids will... lol

Amy L. Reamy said...

Dude you have the coolest nephew ever! hahahaha! Too funny & LOVE the PB&J song! LOL

Elena said...

Young Michael Schumacher :)