Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Wish Special Events & Video Blog

DC Wedding Planner Wish Special Events rocks the world of wedding planning! Laura Auer is not only an awesome friend and a super wedding planner, her company is also one of Washingtonian Magazine's top wedding event planning vendors, Congrats Laura! Get to know her better by visiting her blog where she shares some great tips and ideas on planning your wedding. And when you're ready to gain peace of mind for your big day, hire Laura to ensure everything goes the way you imagined it would.

Earlier this week we met for lunch at Whole Foods at the East Market in Fair Lakes where I proceeded to douse her with my surprisingly carbonated raw energy grape drink! I had no idea it was carbonated and it just exploded, would've made a great video. Actually, the table got the worst of it. No wedding planners or photographers were injured in that stunt. I cleaned up the mess right away. Now watch her sweet blog post showing her FIRST ever video blog, inspired by yours truly, lol =)

Thanks Laura! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Face Mode said...

Heard so many great things about Laura and 'Wish Special Events..

Had a Wedding with one of her Brides a few years ago.. and I never got a chance to meet her..

all the best..

WishLaura said...

Thanks Armin! I always appreciate the shout-outs and can't tell you how much our friendship means to me.

I really enjoyed our lunch too and the grape soda 'incident' will just go on the books under "funny stories I share with Armin." It's right up there with "stacking 5 Boda bags on Laura." ::le sigh::

Kelly -- we should get together sometime!

Face Mode said...

Laura, would love to..
I'll be in touch!