Sunday, January 25, 2009

DC Regional/East Coast Photographer GetToGether Event '09

Organizer: Armin DeFiesta
Hosts: Armin DeFiesta & Julia MacInnis
Date: January 24, 2009
Location: Julia MacInnis' Crib, Alexandria, VA

The Mission:
To build & strengthen relationships by meeting & networking with other area photographers on the east coast/mid-atlantic area in an effort to open communication channels, expand referral sources, discuss marketing & branding strategies, and elevate the east coast as a photographic force of talent.

Mission Status: In progress!

50 of some of the best wedding & portrait photographers on the east coast from Richmond to Baltimore and Ashburn to Annapolis gathered in Alexandria, VA just outside D.C. to attend this organized event co-hosted by me & my good friend Julia MacInnis who we all thank from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming all of us into her home!

This large showing of photographers is unheard of. To be honest I didn't anticipate the guest list to grow this big, maybe 20-25 tops! Viral marketing play a major role here, and while I enjoyed the response and enthusiasm, GTGs this large will be rare in the future. I plan on holding smaller meets of maybe 10 or less. That said, I think another reason for this large showing is the time of the year. January is typically a slow season for wedding & portrait photographers, especially in our region.

I cannot begin to thank everyone enough for their support, participation, and all the delicious light fare we all brought to the table! Awesome job guys!

Here is a list of the information brought up during my Keynote presentation:

Enjoy some captures from the event! Here's THE BIG PICTURE!


Here I'm talking about Kenny Kim's Thirst Relief T-Shirts for sale. A portion of the proceeds go to Thirst Relief. Visit Kenny's Facebook page for more info on how to purchase them!

A few more fun ones by Julia MacInnis. All photos used with permission of course, unless watermarked or showing photo credit.

Bill Black has quite the sense of humor =)

Kip Pierson & Sarah Hodzic had an intense Air Hockey battle complete with battle scars!

The area's newest young talent, Natalie Franke!

"Veteran" GTG girls, Kimberly Brooke & Shelby Leigh

Tiffani Sunshine, Marta Locklear, Tisha McCuiston and several other folks made the trek from Richmond to take part in this event. Here I am with Tiffani.

Yup, that's our hostess Julia rocking the wig! PHOTO BY INGRID KASLIK

And of course they made me do it too =)

Troy Woods, Jeff Wilson & Jennifer Hunter were among the guests

Nicole Wolf of SOTADzine. She'll soon be elevating her level of success up a notch ;)

Of course our lovely Julia!

There were so many pictures I just can't post anymore so I'll stop right here. Check out the fun slideshow I put together and the short video clip captured by Noah's Flip Mino videocamera.

Photos by Kristie Blake, Ingrid Kaslik, Noah Hayes, Bill Black, Moshe Zusman, & Julia MacInnis. Video was actually test footage, Noah just bought the Flip Mino HD and we were just messing around with it, hence the random footage. He even caught trying to play the piano! pretty cool gadget though!


Marta Locklear Photography said...

Love you for getting us all together! The perks of a bunch of photographers getting together is we get to relive it over and over :)! Thanks for your time yesterday and today for putting all these images together!

Troy Woods said...

Man thanks Armin for organizing this! Can't wait to see everyone in Vegas!

tiffani sunshine said... freakin' rock! That video is amazing and the slideshow was way cool.;-) We had so much fun at your get together. Loved your presentation...loved the socializing...loved every minute of it. Many thanks to you AND to Julia for hosting this event for this crazy bunch.

Tunji Sarumi Photography said...

This is my 1st and I really enjoyed. It was packed with great photographers and I learned a lot especially branding. Waiting for the next GTG.

kristieblake said...

excellent work armin...loved it
we should ALL meet for breakfast one morning in Vegas!!!

kennykimdotcom said...

That's awesome that you guys are doing something like this! I gotta come to the next one!

Anonymous said...

The GTG was awesome. So many cool and helpful people in one place at one time. I picked up a lot of great information. I can't wait for the next one.

Erin Harvey said...

Glad to hear it was such a success, what a huge networking crowd!! Nice work Armin. =)

theHIPstudio said...

Great time, great food! Glad to finally get to meet you. Thank you and Julia so much for organizing and hosting.

Natalie Franke said...

Armin, Thank you again for organizing this event!! =) It was such a great get together!! I love how you organized this blog too =) Simply fantastic!!

Can't wait for the next one =) Yay!!

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

Thanks for organizing! It was so nice to meet everyone!

Jill Myers said...

It was great seeing old friends and making new ones...thanks so much for organizing this!

Anonymous said...

What a great chance you & Julia have given so many of us to hook up, talk business & to make some new friends. This is exactly what the EAST coast needed. Looking forward to many more GTG's! The video's ROCK!

Asim Soofi said...

Armin, you know you're the man! Thanks so much for organizing this and getting everyone together. Loved everyone's photos and the videos you put up. Swwwwweeeeet :)


Peter Bang said...

very sad i couldn't make it. thanks for sharing your keynote presentation btw.

Rob - Humbled Eyes Photography said...

Awesome man! Yeah I wanted to go so bad but couldn't find the time. I'll make it out there one of these days!

Sarah Hodzic said...

As all the others have said, you are awesome, and you and Julia did a fantastic job of bringing everyone together!
So glad I could make it, and no matter how long we have each been in the wedding/portrait photography business, there is ALWAYS something new to learn, a new idea to share and we are all always growing.
So thank you Armin and Julia for helping to grow all of our business and enrich our community experience.

And I want to volunteer my crazy cottage in the "woods" for this spring/summer GTG! We can have an epic photo shoot out in the woods behind the house.

Thanks again!

David Burke said...

this looks like an awesome event. wish i could have been there! you are doing great works my friend.

Julia MacInnis Photography said...

WOW! Look at all the bloglove! This posting and video is a great recap of our fun day. Can't believe we had such a huge group -- awesome people with whom I look forwarding to getting to know better in the future.

Moshe Zusman said...

It was a digity dawg of a GTG! Awesome work Armin.

marlene said...

Armin you're so awesome for organizing this! I hope I can make it to one in March, I plan to be in the area! ;-)

Maria D. Brito said...

This looks like it was tons of fun!

PhotoJenic Photography said...

Armin please let me know when the next GTG is! I'm just starting out myself and would love to meet some other talent. The photos sure looked fun from this get together!