Friday, January 16, 2009

Video Blog Updates on Leather Covers, Upcoming Events, & Choosing a Wedding Photographer

A little update on KissWeddingBooks leather cover colors. Visit their KISS BOOKS page to get a closer look at the available colors. NOTE: I forgot to mention the new Virgin White leather covers are now available. And to RSVP to my Photographer GetToGether (GTG), visit my group e-vite on Facebook! I show 40 attendees in Facebook already so it's going to be big!

Now watch the video, don't mind the quality, I did this real quick!
I apologize for the email & iPhone text alerts in the background, lol.

Video Blog Update from Armin DeFiesta on Vimeo.

In Carson Kressley's video, experts from give some tips for brides on how to choose the right wedding photographer for them. Check out another video from Carson Kressley's "Look Good In Pictures" collection!


tim dinofa said...

i'm a new fan of yours.. great work, love the videos - i look forward to checking back often.

Ricki Ford said...

I love the videos man keep them coming!

Natalie Franke said...

Love your videos! Those looks so high end =) You really do give your clients the best!!