Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's an E-MAXX?

... This is an E-MAXX by Traxxas.Com!

I've actually had this RC truck for a while, haven't touched it in years until now. We were cleaning out the closet this weekend and decided to let Nate give it a spin. I've broken many parts back in the day just bashing this thing. And I did some light custom work to the suspension making it ride slightly lower for better handling. So we charged up the batteries and took it outside hoping it'd still run. Nate's already a great driver so I figured this would be easy for him... and it was. With a top speed of up to 20 mph with a pair of 6 cell Ballistic batteries. He loves this thing. The clutch sounds like it needs some work and the chassis could use a good cleaning. But overall it's operational for some more driving. I guess we're keeping it a little longer. Not to mention it's fun practicing my panning & tracking shots!

Nate's legs, not mine =)


Ricki Ford said...

Dude taht is a sweet looking toy! I have a bigfoot like that.

Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys...I though we were getting rid of that huge thing that has been taking up space in the closet...oh well I guess not...LOL!