Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun with My Mino HD at the P.U.G. Meeting

Last night I met up with some friends at our monthly D.C. Pictage Users Group (PUG) meeting in Bethesda, MD. It was a chance to play around with my Flip Mino HD, I got a few minutes of fun "shaky" footage. Have fun watching, lol!

The simplicity of the Mino is just wonderful. While anything is possible with this tiny camera, don't think for a second this is the budget answer to shooting your next cinematic masterpiece. It's not made for that. The image quality is pretty nice at 720p, but the white balance is a little warm for my tastes. The lens is fixed and at one focal length. It has a digital zoom, not a mechanical zoom. Handholding something this tiny can result in camera shake as you can tell. Just minimize your movement as much as possible and your shots should be fine. And if you have iMovie 09, their new image stabilization feature might help.

One last thing about HD. Great image quality, but eats up lots of space on your hard drive. And when you export a movie file, it's a BIG file. I'm storing all my personal videos on my SmugMug account. Can't wait to shoot more with this!


Terra Dawn said...

Hey Armin!!! It was awesome meeting you and everyone else last night! I hope to see you at the next meeting.

(Your work is GORGEOUS!!!)

Susan said...

LOL Armin. You and your videos! That little camera is so fun. Love it!