Sunday, February 22, 2009

More from Vegas...

I had an amazing week at WPPI in Las Vegas, the biggest Wedding & Portrait Photographers International convention! Huge trade show, dozens of workshops, and lots of parties! It was so great to catch up and hang out with old friends and make new ones in the industry. What made this trip even more worthwhile is that my personal album designer Grace Chou of Grace Chou Designs attended the convention too! We spent time reviewing so many album companies, critiquing the quality of craftsmanship, and discussing action plans and our future plans for this year's brides. In short, we got work done! But we definitely made some time for play and fun memories! Here are some photos courtesy of me from my iPhone and my good friends Kenny Kim, Tisha McCuiston, and David Escalante...

Here's one of the big DC/Baltimore two friends from Tampa, FL =)
Moshe Zusman, Hadar Goren, Laura Kay, Kimberly Brooke, Shelby Leigh, Kristen Leigh, Noah Hayes, Erin & Chris Harvey, (not pictured) Kristie Blake, Megan Beth, and Christine Bentley (our Orange County friend!).

Somehow I found myself at Studio Cafe 3 times while at MGM Grand, lol.
Once with the DC/Baltimore folks, once with my friends Laura Kay and Brooke Schwab. And here I am with Kristie, Bob, & Ray.

... the lovely Dawn Davis!

I had the pleasure of assisting my friends at the booth for A PORTRAIT PROJECT, Christine's vision. Here I am with Kristie & Christine. The non-profit organization effort is to provide photography for family victims of domestic violence.

A little gambling! Here's Noah, Shelby & Tiffani deep into the games... and Tisha deep into shooting as usual! Total violation of casino rules - NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED! Ha!

My good friend Erin Harvey of, Tampa, FL

No trip out west is complete without a stop at In-N-Out Burger!
Funny story... Asim, Tiffani, Noah, Tisha, Grace & I took two cabs to the burger joint. Only to realize we'll need cab rides back. No such luck, no cabs were around the parking lot. Asim had the bright idea of asking a random stranger for a ride back to MGM Grand. Surprisingly enough, one of the In-N-Out Burger employees was on break and his girlfriend was visiting. They were kind enough to offer us a ride back, LOL! We had a good feeling about them so none of my spidey senses were going off =) Good times!

Of course, the lovely Kristie & Christine, haha!

I was saddened I didn't get a photo with Laura Kay, not sure why we didn't think about it(?!). But I did manage to snap a pic of her dinner with my iPhone.

Grace & I working the trade show floor

Here's Grace & I chatting with Kevin Swan of

Haha, not sure why I was the only guy standing with the girls in this pic!

Here's one of the group & our friendly server... not really, hehe!

I seemed to be caught twittering on my iPhone 3G constantly!

Here we are losing our wages, haha!

At the big GO|BEE & PhotographyMentor party, Tiffani, Erin, Chris & I made fools of ourselves in the fun photo booth!

My friends & I got to spend some time with a group of about 100 shooters from all over the country (and world probably) having a fun night shoot with celebrity wedding photographer Bob Davis (Eva Longoria, Eddie Murphy, etc.). Here are just a few shots I got from the fun event.

We had maybe 4 models with us so we could break into groups. As you can imagine, shooting with large groups is challenging, most shots are random. Here's just one side shot I was able to get of one of the models.

We had fun shooting a couple, Roberto & Kim Valenzuela. Roberto happens to be a well-known wedding photographer based in Beverly Hills, CA.

I loved using video light to bring some depth to these shots...


Sarah Hodzic said...

Looks like fun!!! Wish I had been there with you guys.

Lisette Price Photography said...

How fun!! I love the photobooth ones and from the shoot the first one with the video light is amazing!

Kimberly Brooke Photographic said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first shot of Roberto and Kim under all the lights. So Cool.


Ray Santana said...

Great seeing @ wppi armin. Thanks for the luv...goodtimes

kristieblake said...

we had so much fun....!!!

Erin Harvey said...

So good hanging with you Armin! Wow I must've gotten lost on that night shoot, I didn't know there was a couple modeling... Gorgeous shots of them! And thanks the shout-out love. =) Oh, and you know you wanted to be in the middle of the picture with all the girls.

Oakstream Photography said...

What fun pics!

Miss Tiffani Sunshine is my friend!!!! WPPI is a blast...too bad I wasn't able to attend this year! :-(