Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Week Flip Mino HD Review

Two weeks of ownership and I'm still a happy owner of the Flip Mino HD by Pure Digital.

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  • Simple to use
  • Great image quality
  • Small, very light, and convenient to carry with you anywhere
  • 4BG hard drive, 60 minutes of video, plenty for me
  • Perfect companion for your laptop (works great with my MacBook Pro & iMovie 09)
  • Easy to transfer video to your computer with the built-in USB
  • Prone to plenty of camera shake due to its diminutive size
  • HD files are big so it takes a while to render and upload onto the web
  • Digital zoom instead of a mechanical zoom
  • White balance is a little on the warm side, especially in low light
  • Wishing it had a wider angle lens like the Creative VADO video camera

The video below was shot after 3 or 4 test videos under my belt. My goal was to operate it and capture the smoothest tracking shots possible on such a small camera. I pretty much tried to make my arms work like a Steadicam device by walking a certain way (e.g., the Groucho walk) and isolating my arm muscles from the rest of my body. Yeah it sounds complicated but with a little practice it's easy to do. In terms of my handling and operation of the camera, this result was an improvement over my initial tests. This video was compressed down to 129mb (720p HD) to make uploading faster on the web so it might look a little grainy than the original. The original file is 450mb.

If you're looking into a pocket HD video camera, you can't go wrong with the Flip Mino HD, the Creative Vado or the Kodak zi6. Google the reviews on comparisons and decide which one you feel is best for you. Each has their pros & cons. Check out more of my Flip Mino in action in the blog post just before this one.

I will be in Vegas starting this weekend so stay tuned for some HD video from Sin City!

It was a balmy 70 degrees today, so we couldn't help but enjoy some playtime again outside! I was able to upload the original file of this video (374mb).


Natalie Franke said...

Can I please adopt her, Armin! She is the cutest little girl. Oh my god.. hahaha! =) And that video is SO clear! Wow!

Armin DeFiesta said...

Thanks Natalie. Yeah she's a ham! I've gotten a few adoption requests, haha!

David Burke said...

what a cutie. my mino hd locks up and won't power on/off. i am taking it back tomorrow :( I will stick with my coolpix video for now. lol

Amy L. Reamy :) said...

O armin I love your kid! I get dibs on her first. Love how she talks to herself & actually says 'weee' going down the slide. hehehe. What a beauty!